Fashion Photography Portfolio Building Workshop Spring 2017 

Date/Time: Sunday, May 28th, 2017/ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Location: Address will be sent out to to those who register.

This workshop is for photographers of any level looking to gain experience with natural and studio lighting and build their photography portfolios. My team and I will be on hand throughout the day to answer any questions and guide you while shooting. The goal is to have you come out of this workshop more confident with shooting as well as create more consistency in your work. 

Topics covered: 

  • Model/photographer interaction
  • Directing models
  • Shooting without modifiers or reflectors
  • Location scouting
  • Best times of the day to shoot
  • Studio lighting setups
  • How to shoot manually
  • Camera settings
  • Lenses and angles
  • Social media
  • Getting published
  • Working with agencies
  • Marketing yourself
  • How to build your team (models, makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist and assistants)
  • Portfolio review. 

Eliza and Tyrone will provide instruction on the above topics and others in a free-flow format at the request of attendees as they maximize their time shooting.

Attendees are responsible for bringing their own cameras and lenses (I recommend 50 mm and 85 mm or a 70-200mm), memory cards and Pocket Wizards. 

We will be working with 3-4 experienced models including a professional ballerina in a beautiful location, 3 different photo stations (each with a different lighting setup), a makeup artist, hairstylist and wardrobe stylist. 


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